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Adriana Lima Female Malandro Competition

In homage to one of the greatest Female Malandro Dancer, Adriana Lima, this Female Malandro competition aims to show a new Samba dance dimension.


What is a Female Malandro Dancer?

"The malandro figure has become so much a part of Brazil popular imagination about Rio de Janeiro, that he is an obligation figure among the carnaval characters in every SAmba school parade"  Since 2006, when Aninha Malandro pioneered the Female Malandro movement in the USA, a rapid growth of interest and emergence of individual female dancers, dance groups started to dedicate more attention to the characterization of Malandro!


Adriana Lima was born in Manaus, Brazil.  At age 13, during the explosive Lambada's era, she was introduced into the dance world by her brother, Rei Lima.   Her brother trained her in several dance styles.  The siblings started performing with several groups While performing in a show in Belem do Para, she saw for the first time Carlinhos de Jesus Dance Company and fell in love with Rio de Janeiro's samba.  Adriana and her brother approached Carlinhos de Jesus and one year later, the siblings traveled by bus to Rio and went straight to Carlinhos de Jesus Dance Academy where they were warmly embraced.   The uniqueness of her style, seriousness, and determination became her trademark.  Adriana shone in several stages with incredible performances all over the world.  She was claimed as one of most respectful and competent samba and Samba de Gafieira's dancer.  On 2015, she lost her battle to cancer, but she left her an incredible legacy!
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