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Visit the historic sights of Salvador and learn about the roots of this special cultural city, with artists and teachers who live and were born in Salvador.

ISC nights could not be left out of the schedule, so we are preparing 4 parties for you to enjoy the culture to the fullest and celebrate with the ISC dance community.

More than 30 dance and music classes on different Brazilian art forms such as Maracatu, Frevo, Jongo, Afro-Brazillian and Samba!

A choreographic show with the artists and teachers of the Congress, honoring Dona Ivone Lara on the year of her 100 year birthday.


Teacher, choreographer, Producer

Irineu Nogueira

The International Samba Congress has the mission of bringing people together through Brazilian Culture.I was spread the famous phrase of my friend Guga Stroeter that the Brazilian culture to be understood, needs to be daced.



Rosangela Silvestre

Teacher, choreographer and creator of the Silvestre Technique

International Samba Congress continues to open doors for diverse voices that meet not only to dance Samba but also to speak, to listen, allowing ourselves  to be nourished on Ancestral Wisdom, undoing issues and concerns  accumulated along the way, and opening us to questions about the reasons for how we feel the way we feel, and embracing our feelings  in the Universe of Samba!!!


Patrick Carvalho

Teacher, producer and "Comissão de Frente" choreographer.

To talk about ISC is to talk about history, of a movement that has been investing, believing and dreaming about the new generation of samba dancers, and of samba as a dance. The International Samba Congress has the power and the role  to work with the youth's dream. The children of "Filhos do Samba" dream of becoming teachers at the ISC, they already have a space to dream about!

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Participe the community of the biggest Samba Congress in the world and have the best content about the rich Brazilian Culture in your hands, heart and soul.
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